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World Revamp 0.jpg

This month's update brings a complete overhaul to Rust's graphics including some changes to monuments, Nvidia Reflex for reduced latency and the usual tweaks, fixes and improvements.

A Whole New World
Vincent Mayeur
This month Rust has received a huge visual update, the biggest to date! From new terrain, trees, rocks, cliffs, decor, grass, monument reworks and so much more.

This is the culmination of work by several people that took place on and off over the last couple
of years. It greatly improves how the game feels and gives it a fresh look.

World Revamp 1.jpg

Most of the new visuals were developed alongside the transition of the game to the High Definition Render Pipeline of Unity (HDRP) that we subsequently dropped after unsatisfactory performance results. We didn’t want to waste the efforts made to make the game look better during that time and ported them to the current version of the game instead.

World Revamp 2.jpg
World Revamp 3.jpg
World Revamp 4.jpg
World Revamp 5.jpg
World Revamp 6.jpg

We also took the opportunity in the last two months leading up to this update to fix a vast amount of long-standing issues revolving around monuments, world procedural generation, and exploits.

For example, you'll find cliffs, road, terrain, river generation much improved.

Below is a comparison of old (left) and new (right).

World Revamp 7.png

We re-worked some monuments completely such as the Junkyard, Satellite Dish and integrated many of them inside the procedurally generated world more seamlessly than before. For example, you'll now see larger monuments and hubs now have bespoke subway tunnel entrances within their perimeter.

World Revamp 8.jpg
World Revamp 9.jpg
World Revamp 10.png

When it comes to performance, we did our best to keep the current status quo or improve upon it in some areas of the game. But since this update adds more content than it removes, we do not expect a major improvement in performance overall.

World Revamp 11.jpg

The Bandit Town is known for one if not the worst performance area, and this gave us the perfect opportunity to address this. We reduced the number of NPCs, reduced the forest density and completely remodelled the huts.

This is only touching the surface of changes, and you'll find many more changes and new additions while playing.

Junkyard Revamp & Crane
The junkyard was one of the least visited monuments in the game. The original vision did not translate well to gameplay in practice. We've taken some time during our work on the world revamp to completely redesign it and hopefully eliminate the most commonly complained about issues. Not only did the Junkyard receive a complete visual and layout overhaul, but we've also added a new feature specifically to this monument : The Shredder.

World Revamp 12.jpg
World Revamp 13.jpg

Using the magnet crane found in the junk yard, you can traverse the area and hunt for broken down vehicles. dropping them in the shredder will effectively recycle them and produce scrap and other associated resources. You can also shred modular vehicles by driving them to the junk yard. You will receive 75/100/125 scrap based on the number of modules the chassis supports (2/3/4) You'll also receive a fraction of the resources from the modules on the vehicle. We hope this makes this area far more sought after and a hotspot for action.

World Revamp 14.jpg
World Revamp 15.jpg

The Magnet Crane is very fragile and will be damaged very rapidly if you depart the junkyard with it.

  • W/S - Forearm extension/retraction
  • A/S - Cabin Yaw
  • Left / Right Mouse Rear arm extension/retraction
  • R - Electromagnet on/off
  • Shift - Drive mode

Bush Displacement
Since the HDRP content backport comes with much nicer foliage, we noticed during playtesting that bushes got in the way when building a base a lot more than with the old foliage. To counteract this, bushes are now removed when building on top of them. Of course bushes won't be gone forever and will automatically respawn in suitable locations around the map.

This uses the same system as trees, which guarantees that a nice and even coverage across the map will be preserved and we don't end up with large areas that don't have any bushes at all.

Nvidia Reflex
Nvidia Reflex is now available! Reflex can be enabled via the options menu for all Nvidia users using GeForce GTX 900 Series or newer. Enabling Reflex has shown up to 38% reduced input latency within Rust.

World Revamp 16.jpg

Learn more over at Nvidia.

Improvements & Fixes Highlights

World Revamp 17.jpg

Mounted Gestures
Gesture while on horses, boats, seats, etc

World Revamp 18.jpg

Alt Look
Restored 3rd person feedback when a player is alt looking

World Revamp 19.jpg

Poker Table
Multiple poker table fixes and improvements

World Revamp 20.jpg

Bandit Camp Recycler
Due to popular demand the Bandit camp now has an extra recycler

World Revamp 21.jpg

Hitch & Trough Improvments
Doubled health recovered by horses and decay time reset after eating food

World Revamp 22.jpg

Junkyard Carlift
Public carlift can now be used at the revamped Junkyard
Check out the changelog for more changes.

Community Map Making Contest
Later this month in the community update post we'll be announcing details for the first community map-making contest. If you're interested keep an eye out!

Список изменений:

  • New generation cliff placement and cliff visuals
  • New terrain visuals
  • New terrain clutter visuals
  • New terrain foliage visuals
  • New cliffs and rocks visuals
  • New roadside junkpiles
  • New forest populations
  • New Satellite Dish Monument
  • New Junkyard monument
  • New workshop scene
  • New ice sheets visuals and spawn rules
  • New young and dead pine tree variants
  • Updated Sewer Branch monument
  • Updated Dome monument visuals and puzzle
  • Updated Trainyard monument middle and north sections for improved cover/flow, better visuals
  • Updated all monuments road connections to procedural roads to be more seamless
  • Larger monuments and hubs now have bespoke subway tunnel entrances within their perimeter
  • Biome dependant foliage, foliage at monuments will display the right type for the biome they are in
  • Updated colliders of large hero trees in the swamps to be more accurate, easier to build around
  • Fixed areas of the Military Tunnels not inflicting any radiation
  • Fixed several monuments sometimes being flooded
  • Fixed a large amount of stairs colliders that were stee-through but not shoot-through
  • Fixed puzzle bypasses at Trainyard
  • Fixed a large amount of 'low object quality settings' visual exploits around monuments
  • Fixed the 'red pipe of death' at Launch Site, where velocity could kill you
  • Fixed Launch Site south puzzle door exploit
  • Fixed exploit where you could jump inside vents at various monuments to gain peak advantage
  • Fixed some props that allowed exploitable one way shooting (oilrig in particular)
  • Fixed getting stuck inside Outpost/Compound decor by the way of roofs
  • Fixed an issue whereby dropping items on the floor in Water Treatment Plant would not let you pick them up
  • Fixed an exploit at Water Treatment Plant allowing to skip green card puzzle steps
  • Fixed Out of Bounds/fly hack violations issues around Water Treatment Plant sewer tunnels
  • Fixed Out of Bounds/fly hack violations issues inside Launch Site tunnels happenning on certain seeds
  • Fixed exploits at both oilrigs whereby players would swim up pipes to gain advantage
  • Fixed being unable to harvest trees around some monuments
  • Fixed Giant Excavator mining the wrong resource when mining Metal Fragments
  • Fixed dropped items falling into Bandit Camp shop keepers cabins
  • Roadside props LOD distances now cull later, preventing revealing players hiding behind them
  • Extended cover props LOD distances at Airfield to ensure players remain hidden behind them
  • Various fixes for poker gameplay
  • Electrical counter font size now scales smaller when the number doesn't fit
  • When dismounting the Work Cart train seat, sometimes the player's view angle would be incorrect. This is now fixed
  • Fixed horse trough sometimes not affecting decay time when a horse eats from it
  • Fixed belt items sometimes being visible in a players hand even if the item wasn't equipped
  • Fixed tree billboards sometimes getting stuck and sticking around forever
  • Fixed first person lights/particle effects still being visible when gesturing
  • Improved procedural terrain generation, ring road generation also improved as a result
  • Improved terrain grass displacement
  • Improved dynamic foliage to reduce floating over terrain
  • Improved lighting volumes inside Military Tunnels, no more shadow clip in the distance
  • Improved distant LODs for Oilrigs
  • Improved lighthouse visuals at night
  • Improved monuments 'fading' into procedural map, better looking player paper map visuals
  • Improved a large amount of colliders around which gun fight occurs whereby bullets were blocked before
  • Improved visuals at Bandit Camp
  • Optimized decor at Bandit Camp
  • Most of static art now uses shadow proxies for improved performance
  • Harbors only spawn on mainland
  • Bushes hide when building on top of them
  • Poker players are no longer obliged to show their hand at the end of the round unless they're the winner in a showdown. Anyone can optionally show their hand by pressing R
  • It's not possible to still see what cards you had after you've folded
  • Can now use gestures while mounted (with some exceptions)
  • Restored 3rd person feedback when a player is alt looking
  • Improved tree and bush billboards
  • Improved visuals for fallen logs and wood stump pickups
  • Improved contact shadows settings, enabling will no longer create black outlines around grass
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