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This month's update brings an updated wounding system, Nvidia DLSS, countryside tunnel entrances, monument AI, Voice props DLC, birds, improvements and more!​

Updated Wounding System
Players now go to a crawling state when wounded in most cases, instead of being fully incapacitated. They can move around slowly and use doors. They also get a bit more health than they used to in the old incapacitated state. This might allow you to move to relative safety.

Wounding Update 1.jpg

The older incapacitated wounded state still occurs in the following situations:
- If you get looted while in crawling wounded state.
- If you die from fall damage.
- If you crawl too deep into water.

In both states you still have some chance to recover after the wounded timer runs out.

By default right now the base value is a 20% chance while crawling and a 10% chance while incapacitated. But you now get up to a 25% bonus on top of that (so max 20 + 25 = 45% total) based on your food and water levels. Maximum food and water = full bonus.

If the above check fails, but you have a large medkit in your belt (not just your inventory), the medkit will be used up and you won't get any health from it, but you will recover from being wounded. i.e. A medkit in a belt slot gives a 100% chance at recovery when the recovery timer runs out (you can still get killed while wounded by taking damage though). And if you're lucky enough that you pass the recovery check anyway, the medkit isn't used.

There is one exception where the medkit revive doesn't happen: Fall damage. So you can't dive out of a helicopter with your trusty medkit for guaranteed survival.

New console variables

woundedrecoverchance (default 0.2): Base chance of recovery after crawling wounded state.
incapacitatedrecoverchance (default 0.1): Base chance of recovery after incapacitated wounded state.
woundedmaxfoodandwaterbonus (default 0.25): Maximum percent chance added to base .wounded/incapacitated recovery chance, based on the player's food and water level.
crawlingminhealth (default 30): Minimum initial health given when a player dies and moves to crawling wounded state.
crawlingmaxhealth (default 50): Maximum initial health given when a player dies and moves to crawling wounded state.​

Train Tunnel Entrance Improvements
We've added a number of improvements to the train tunnel entrances. The bottom of the stairwells now have a circular stairwell piece that is used to align the stairwell to the train tunnel grid. This has the advantage that we no longer have to snap the entrance building to a specific rotation and position, which allows us to integrate them a lot nicer inside monuments. We're planning to move more tunnel entrances to building basements or inside static monument tunnels or sewers in the near future.

Wounding Update 2.jpg
Wounding Update 3.jpg

While I implemented these circular stairwells I also addressed an issue that was forcing the stairwells and elevator shafts to be extremely long, which led to boring elevator rides down to the train tunnels. This is now addressed, and the stairwells and elevator shafts that go down to the train tunnels are significantly shorter.

Countryside Tunnel Entrances
Also added this month is a refresh of the train tunnel entrances spawning in the countryside, as in any entrance that lives outside of monuments.

Wounding Update 4.jpg
Wounding Update 5.jpg

I have redone the visuals to look like bunkers on the surface and improved the interior layout to offer more tactical options. You will also find a computer station in these countryside entrances that will allow you to connect to a CCTV camera outdoor and ensure all is clear outside before leaving.

Monument AI
This month I've added the first pass of AI scientists to the Trainyard and Airfield monuments, initially around the puzzle areas. This will be expanded to all major monuments in the near future.

Wounding Update 6.jpg

There's also a bunch of general bug fixes, improvements, balance and tweaks to both the animal and human AI - including a fix for unresponsive AI at low server FPS.

Nvidia DLSS
Nvidia DLSS is now available, DLSS can be enabled via the options menu by navigating to Options > Graphics.

Wounding Update 7.jpg


If you’re unfamiliar with NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) then here is a quote from the Nvidia DLSS Rust article:

Render Scaling
In order to support DLSS, we had to support the ability to render the game at a different resolution to the screen resolution and upscale it again.

This isn't really a feature that Unity supports out of the box so we had to spend a lot of time finding the most optimal way of forcing this behaviour. During this process, we also had to rewrite a lot of our post effects stack which includes some slight performance benefits vs the old ones.

Whilst the result obviously isn't anywhere close to the quality of DLSS, it still might be useful to some people with unsupported hardware.

Due to the post effect stack changes a number of visuals will appear different, we'll be keeping an eye on feedback and adjusting accordingly.

Improvements & Fixes Highlights

Fixed Player Name Plate Delay
Fixed invisible and delayed nametags
Wounding Update 8.jpg

AI Responsiveness
AI will now be more responsive when servers are under heavy load
Wounding Update 9.jpg

Easier Rowboat Flip
Flipping over a capsized rowboat is now eaiser
Wounding Update 10.jpg

Tree Birds
Birds now have a chance to fly out of trees when hit
Wounding Update 11.jpg

Primitive Lootbox Sound
Updated lootbox destroy sound, no longer louder than gunshots
Wounding Update 12.jpg

Voice Props DLC Pack

The Voice Props DLC pack is available today for $12.99! Blast out some music with the Boom Box, intimidate your neighbours with the Megaphone and Microphone Stand, phone a friend (or enemy, or stranger) with the Mobile Phone, and more. But because Rust is a hardcore PvP survival shooter, we also knew we needed to finally remedy its most obvious omission - a disco. The Voice Props DLC pack is available for purchase on Steam with a 10% launch discount!

This DLC pack includes a range of new items that allow you to record, stream, project and playback audio, as well as accessorize your base with some disco themed props. It also includes three new dance gestures and 7 achievements to unlock.

Cassettes and Recordings
Cassettes can store snippets of audio and can be used in a variety of ways. To record audio onto a Cassette, simply insert it into a Cassette Recorder and hit RMB to record. Cassettes come in 10, 20 and 30 second varieties. Once audio is recorded onto a Cassette you can press LMB to play it. You can also throw the Recorder with the Reload key, handy for sticking it on to vehicles or structures.

If you'd like to not hear recorded audio (for streaming purposes) you can disable it in the Options menu.

Wounding Update 13.jpg
Wounding Update 14.jpg

Boom Boxes
If you want to play your audio on something with a bit more oomph you can use a Boom Box. Coming in both static and deployed versions, you can use a Boom Box to play both recorded audio on Cassettes and stream internet radio.

Wounding Update 15.jpg
Wounding Update 16.jpg

To stream audio from the internet you’ll need to open the settings and select a channel. A few notes on this system:

  • We recommend content creators turn off this feature (set Internet Audio Streams to Off in the Options menu) in order to not trigger any copyright/DCMA strikes
  • Server Admins can add additional stations that might interest their players. Use the BoomBox.ServerUrlList convar to add stations (eg. BoomBox.ServerUrlList “Test Station,www.teststation.com”)

Deployed Boom Boxes can also be connected to other audio entities via the Audio Out IO port.

Megaphone and Microphone Stand
You can project your voice to friends and foes with the Megaphone and Microphone Stand.

Wounding Update 17.jpg
Wounding Update 18.jpg

The Megaphone is a held entity that you can use while out and about. Hold LMB to activate it and broadcast your voice. While holding LMB you won’t need to press your push to talk key if push to talk is enabled.

The Microphone Stand is a deployable version of the Megaphone that requires power. It has two different voice modes to modify your voice (squeaky and deep) and has an Audio Out IO port like the Boom Box to connect to other props in the DLC pack.

Disco Props
Give your base some late night disco vibes! Use the Disco Floor, Laser Light, Connected Speaker and Sound Light to set up a dancefloor that will make your neighbours jealous.


All of these props have an Audio In IO port so you can connect them to an audio source (like a Boom Box or Microphone Stand) to make them react to any playing audio.

The Connected Speaker will rebroadcast any audio from an audio source that it’s connected to, so you can play music throughout your entire base or hook them up to a Microphone Stand to make a base wide PA system.

New Dances
A dancefloor is pointless without dancing, so this DLC pack includes three new dance gestures. Unlike the existing gestures these dances will loop endlessly and you won’t be able to move while dancing. To cancel a dance you can just press a move input, jump, crouch or hit LMB.

Wounding Update 20.jpg
Wounding Update 21.jpg
Wounding Update 22.jpg
Wounding Update 23.jpg

Mobile Phone
Take calls on the go - and stylishly - with the latest in telecommunications technology on the island: the Mobile Phone! Giving you access to the telephone system from anywhere on the island. You can open the dialler with LMB and still move around while chatting.

Wounding Update 24.jpg
Wounding Update 25.jpg

We’ve also added the voicemail functionality to legacy deployed Telephones, simply insert a cassette with your voicemail message into the phone and anyone who calls in while you’re away will be able to leave a message for you. You can access any voicemail messages from the dialling screen. The number of voicemail messages that can be recorded depends on the length of the cassette, so a 10/20/30 second cassette can store 1/2/3 messages. If a new message is left when your voicemail is full the oldest voicemail will be deleted.

Список изменений:

  • Added Voice Props DLC Pack
  • Added circular train tunnel stairwell piece
  • Added crawling state when wounded
  • Added Countryside Tunnel Entrances
  • Added Tree Birds
  • Added Cassette Recorder (DLC)
  • Added 3 lengths of cassette (DLC)
  • Added Boom Box (DLC)
  • Added Portable Boom Box (DLC)
  • Added 3 dance gestures (DLC)
  • Added Megaphone (DLC)
  • Added Microphone Stand (DLC)
  • Added Music Light (DLC)
  • Added Music Lasers (DLC)
  • Added Disco Floor (Multiple variants)(DLC)
  • Added Connected speaker (DLC)
  • Added Mobile Phone (DLC)
  • Added 7 achievements (DLC)
  • Added DLSS
  • Added Render scale options
  • Added some requested cubes for map makers /modding/cubes
  • Fixed "Lost Soul AR" skin
  • Fixed "Chocolate Egg" skin
  • Fixed damage sometimes not applying to elevator passengers, stating "player_distance" in combat log
  • Fixed If players recover from being wounded, they can't get wounded again within one minute
  • Fixed invisible nametags at certain angles
  • Fixed Huge wooden sign no longer breaks after upgrading and rotating wall
  • Fixed fireworks not firing due to server side budget issues
  • Fixed compound missing catcher catcher
  • Fixed unable to click drink icon when overlapping with the box
  • Fixed Lost Soul AR 42106 / 2426264628 Chocolate Egg 42200 / 2439077520 skins
  • Fixed admins getting kicked when logging out under terrain
  • Fixed invalid shots while players were using lifts
  • Fixed Minicopter "push" appearing whilst mounted
  • Fixed bear LODs
  • Fixed tabbing F1 menu cycling
  • Fixed 'nowgao' in contacts UI
  • Fixed players mouths not moving when voice chatting
  • Fixed players sometimes glitching into the WorkCart cabin
  • Train tunnel stairwells and elevator shafts are much shorter
  • Train tunnel entrances no longer have to rotate after placement
  • Rowboats are now easier to flip back over by pushing
  • Updated Primitive Lootbox Sound
  • Airfeild Monument AI
  • Train yard Monument AI
  • Binoculars only show nametag pips during the day
  • Reduced nametag pop-in delay
  • Enable kicks for inside terrain antihack
  • Stricter inside terrain antihack
  • Hitch & trough can now be placed down narrow triangle passages
  • Disable alt cursor outside of demos (spectate)
  • Improved AI Responsiveness when the server is under heavy load
  • Improved Rowboat flip
  • Shore flickering
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