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18 Декабря 2020 в 23:00 500 / 0
​ It's the most wonderful time of the year! ​ Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! ​ From everyone at Facepunch, we'd all like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! The Christmas Event is once again live! If you haven't been around for this before, here's what you can expect:Every once in a while you will hear the sound of jingle bells. Run outside and look for a gift! Two gifts are spawned per player, in a radius of about 40m from where you are standing. Run up...
03 Декабря 2020 в 23:00 1343 / 0
​ This month we have added the tech tree which will give you the choice of how you unlock your blueprints, this has also led to a huge update on item crafting recipes, tiers and the loot you will find in airdrops and heli/bradley crates. ​ Tech TreeIn November 2017 I implemented Workbench experimenting which allowed the player to use scrap to gain a random unknown blueprint. Since this time we've added nearly an extra 130 items which has made random experimenting both costly and...
06 Ноября 2020 в 23:00 594 / 0
This month's update brings horse stables to purchase your trusty steeds, a new telephone system you can add to your base or find public phones along the roads and at monuments, a Taxi module for vehicles along with changes to vehicle costs, crafting and balancing along with the usual improvements and fixes and a moustache ??StablesYou'll now be able to acquire horses at one of the two new monuments, the Ranch and Large Barn. Simply approach the Stable Master and start a conversation. You can...
26 Октября 2020 в 23:00 766 / 0
​   ​ Happy Halloween!The Rust Halloween event is upon us! We've released a patch containing lots of spooky features, enabled the Trick or Treat event, NPC Mummies and a surprise. ​ We've also updated the Halloween loot tables from last years event and added a new item "Ghost Costume" (see image below), you'll be able to find these as rare drops from killing Scarecrow NPCs.Trick Or Treat Event ​ Once roughly every two in-game days, a candy hunt event will begin. You'll have 3...
02 Октября 2020 в 23:00 602 / 0
​ This update brings an elevator for easy travel between floors of your base, A real life Rust chair that gives you an exclusive in game chair too, The Spacesuit skin for the Hazmat outfit, changes to roads and added trails as well as the usual balancing and optimisationsElevator ​ The Elevator is a new deployable object that allows you to easily travel between floors in your base. Simply place an Elevator on the ground floor and then stack additional Elevators on top of that to add...