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05 Декабря 2019 в 23:00 432 / 0
​ This month we introduce the Rust Instruments DLC as well as the usual optimizations and improvements and yes, you do have legs!Instrument Pack DLCThe Instruments DLC pack is now available on Steam for purchase with a 10% launch discount! It includes 10 new instruments with a completely overhauled music input system as well as MIDI support for actual hardware input from compatible devices.Not sure what all of this is about? The Instrument Pack is our first paid DLC which includes 10 new...
08 Ноября 2019 в 23:00 359 / 0
​ Halloween is over, trees are fixed and more optimizations, fixes and improvements.Tree Mini-Game ImprovementsI've made a couple of changes to the marker placement logic that should improve the reliability on all trees across the board, but on trees with really irregular shapes we're now using a new system that pre-caches a series of positions for the marker to go. This new system is in use on Palm, Birch, Oak, Swamp and Beech trees.Our testing showed that the bug was particularly bad on...
19 Октября 2019 в 23:00 362 / 0
​ Happy Halloween!A Rust Halloween event is upon us! We've released a patch containing lots of spooky features, including a Trick or Treat event and NPC Mummies. We hope you enjoy the event as much as we did creating it. ​ There is also a bunch of halloween exclusive content both new and old on the Rust Item Store. ​ Surgeon Scrubs ​ Fogger 3000 ​ Candle Pack ​ Skull Door Knocker ​ Skull Fire Pit ​ Spooky Speaker ​ Strobe LightСписок изменений: Added new in game report...
03 Октября 2019 в 23:00 336 / 0
​ We've added horse equipment, Crafting, Inventory, Map and Death screen improvements and various other fixes, balances and improvements ...Horse EquipmentHorses now have their max health and speed affected by their breed type. There's also a new information panel, which will allow you to equip them with various types of horse equipment.Horse armor will grant the horse additional protection, as well as protect the rider from incoming damage. This might seem like it isn't very realistic, but it...
05 Сентября 2019 в 23:00 817 / 0
​ The new Transport Helicopter arrives along with changes to auto turrets and various other fixes and optimizationsTransport HelicopterThe Scrap Transport Helicopter has arrived!It's not as nimble as the Minicopter but boy you can fit a lot of people in the back. It doesn't use a traditional vehicle seating model and to board the rear you simply walk on board. You'll have free movement and crouching while it is in flight similar to movement on the cargo ship or Excavator arm.Merch StoreOur...