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05 Сентября 2019 в 23:00 504 / 0
​ The new Transport Helicopter arrives along with changes to auto turrets and various other fixes and optimizationsTransport HelicopterThe Scrap Transport Helicopter has arrived!It's not as nimble as the Minicopter but boy you can fit a lot of people in the back. It doesn't use a traditional vehicle seating model and to board the rear you simply walk on board. You'll have free movement and crouching while it is in flight similar to movement on the cargo ship or Excavator arm.Merch StoreOur...
01 Августа 2019 в 23:00 447 / 0
​ Excavator monument and more optimizations and fixesExcavatorThe Excavator monument is complete and is now in-game!This isn't just a static prop, it is a fully functioning mining excavator powered by Diesel. You can find the required fuel at the Junkyard, Oil rigs and at the top of the Dome.You can also exchange low grade fuel for diesel, but it isn't cheap.To use the excavator, you'll need to clear out the scientists guarding it and make your way to the engine room. Once you've added the...
05 Июля 2019 в 23:00 234 / 0
​ Horse breeds and hitching posts, client and server optimizations and moreServer Physics OptimizationWe've been plagued by a lot of performance problems on the server. After careful analysis we found and fixed these main causes: Collider batching is no longer in use, but the code to check whether or not a collider is batched was still running and was extremely slow since there are now hundreds of individual colliders in any area of the map instead of the previous handful of batched...
21 Июня 2019 в 23:00 475 / 0
​ Players of our game Chippy on Steam will get an exclusive Chippy Arcade machine to play with in game. Plus some optimisations and bug fixes for everyone.Chippy ArcadeTo celebrate the launch of our new incubator game Chippy, which we was released a week today on Steam, we've added the Chippy Arcade to Rust.The item is rewarded to accounts automatically that have played Chippy for at least half an hour.We did consider giving it only to people that have beaten Chippy - but the game is that...
06 Июня 2019 в 23:00 418 / 0
​ Horseback riding, Balance changes, a New UI and more!Horseback RidingHorseback riding has been added to the game.This is only a first pass so it works in a pretty rudimentary way. Horses with saddles spawn in the world instead of the traditional horses. Eventually we'll add taming and hitching and armor and all that but first, let's just see how they function as a new means of transportation in the rust world!Walk up to a horse and press [E] to mount it. ASDW controls the steering, Space to...