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2201 (7.11.2019/4367255), The Tree Fix Update
  • Added team chat.
  • Added chat pop-up menu when clicking a chat message.
  • Added chat muting.
  • Added "mutelist", "unmute" and "unmuteall" console commands.
  • Added Hover Loot, default keybind is hold H.
  • Can now hold down on the Give, Take and Drink buttons to automatically transfer water.
  • Added new map marker for multiple vending machines in close proximity
  • Added teleportlos admin console command to teleport along the line of sight
  • Can open debug log file from console screen
  • Added in game report system (halloween patch)
  • Added notification system on main menu
  • Added Medium Battery
  • Added "rWm/Rust Watt Minutes" energy storage system
  • Added manual Depth of Field mode
  • Fixed the delay before firing the second shot with each new bow.
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally drop an item in the space between your inventory and your belt.
  • Fixed several ways in which the chat window could get stuck open, without input, leaving you unable to move or chat.
  • Improved reliability of tree harvesting mini-game
  • Fixed hot air balloon parenting exploit
  • Fixed late entity pop in when moving very fast
  • Fixed minicopters floating in the air if the ground they were resting on was destroyed
  • Fixed horses floating in the air if the ground they were resting on was destroyed
  • Increased horse frame budget from 0.334ms to 1ms (smoother horses)
  • Fixed Cargoship hull interior culling on low object quality
  • Fixed missing dune meshes at the water well
  • Fixed small refinery placement on ice, rocks and uneven surfaces
  • Fixed deploying on Cargoship rudder
  • Fixed compound awning culling
  • Loot actions are now queued so that items are looted one after another, instead of simultaneously.
  • You can now right click an inventory item to move it to your belt.
  • You can now drag items directly into/between locker slots without having to swap sets first.
  • Added clothing icon to locker clothing slots.
  • Extensive rework of monument LODs
  • Campfire flames and smoke now move directly upward, even if placed on a slope.
  • Large furnace can be placed on world layer (rocks)
  • Small water catchers can now be placed on construction

Полный клиент Rust 2201 за 7.11.2019 можно скачать по любой из этих ссылок:


Что мне скачать, клиент или патч?

Полный клиент - в нём содержится игра обновленная до актуальной версии (на момент публикации новости о обновлении), после его установки вам больше ничего не потребуется, кроме периодического обновления. Полный клиент подходит для "чистой" установки или пользователей, скачивающих игру в первый раз.

Патч - программа позволяющая обновить игру до более новой версии (версия указана в названии патча), без необходимости заново скачивать полный клиент. Имеет меньший размер, чем полный клиент, т.к содержит новые файлы и список изменений необходимые для обновления.
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