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17 Ноября 2017 в 23:00 1351 / 0
​ Tree ReduxFinally! Harvesting trees just became a little less boring: I've added a mini-game similar to harvesting nodes.It's pretty straightforward. You hit the tree, a spraypainted mark appears where you should hit it next. Every time you hit one of the marks, your gathering multiplier increases, meaning you'll harvest the tree faster.You may notice that you're gathering fewer resources than before with the same tools. This is due to the fact that I've changed how tree resources are...
10 Ноября 2017 в 23:00 2413 / 0
Player HairI've been working with Diogo Teixeira on the final few tech issues before getting hair into Rust.Currently in game are two hair styles per gender, two facial hair styles and eyebrow and body hair. We've implemented some tech to make the hair deform with player clothing and fit to all player faces.Player hair has been designed to be used with TSSAA Anti-Aliasing (found in your options). I'm continually working on updating and improving the quality of visuals both with TSSAA and other...
02 Ноября 2017 в 23:00 2007 / 0
​ Halloween is over and winter is here, bringing a new North for you to explore, and a nailgun to protect you while you do. There's some major world and loot changes as well. This patch wipes the servers, but retains your blueprints. Enjoy!2 November 2017NailgunThanks to some quick animation work by Gooseman, I was able to implement the nailgun for this patch! It's a default blueprint, costing Metal Fragments and Scrap, and is intended to bridge the gap between bows and the revolver. I'm sure...
27 Октября 2017 в 23:00 1877 / 0
​ Halloween ItemsHappy Halloween! To get into the spirit of things, we've added some new decorative Halloween deployables. There's a scarecrow and a skull fire pit available on the Steam item store.  ​ ​ ​ In addition, we've replaced the existing resource pickups with Halloween themed ones for Metal, Stone, Sulfur, Wood, and Bones. For the period of Halloween (next patch) they will yield 50% more resources as well.  ​  ​  ​  ​ ​ Loot Chance EqualizedI'm doing...
20 Октября 2017 в 23:00 1918 / 0
​ New Player ModelsThe new player models are finally going in this week. We had a couple of nasty issues related to how the build server dealt with some of the changed files which accounted for the delay (and several subtracted merges). All those issues are now resolved so I've been able to chase down some of the smaller issues before this week's patch.We've introduced a much greater number of face variations than previously, and as a result you'll have your race re-rolled. This might mean you...