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01 Февраля 2018 в 23:00 2192 / 0
​ Lots of world changes: Water Wells monuments are in, Military Tunnels get a refresh, the terrain gets rockier. This patch wipes the maps. Next week when we leave Early Access blueprints + maps will be wiped.Tutorial Task ListI added about 60 achievements, and I've fleshed out the tutorial task list. It's now only missing one or two more slightly difficult achievements before I can polish it off. When it's done there will be about 15 tutorial steps to go through which provides new players...
25 Января 2018 в 23:00 1169 / 0
​ Game tips, fixes, Water Well monuments, viewmodel clothing, and more.Game TipsOne of the last things on the roadmap for leaving early access was a series of game tips that would appear contextually for new players to help them learn the game. I spent this week finishing these. We've added about 20, which should help players learn how to do things like drink from lakes and rivers, use bows, and play the mining minigames. In case these are popping up for you veteran players... don't worry,...
18 Января 2018 в 23:00 2273 / 0
​ First look at a new monument, improved cheat reporting, optimizations, a new Hazmat Suit, and more.Hazmat ChangesThe new and awesome makeshift Hazmat Suit from Taylor Reynolds is now in-game. This replaces the existing item visuals and should help differentiate scientists from players when they are fully in-game. That doesn't mean that you'll never be able to find a legit scientist suit, so you can still roleplay as an NPC if you get one. The suit is now also user craftable. You'll need to...
11 Января 2018 в 23:00 2038 / 0
​ New arrows, base damage visuals, trees, pants and more.New Arrow TypesI've added a couple new arrow types to the game: Bone and Fire.Bone arrows travel slightly slower and do less damage, but are way, way, waaay easier to hit people with. Their bounding box is 3x that of a regular arrow. These are a default blueprint. ​ ​ Fire arrows are a bit of a disaster right now, so please understand that this implementation is a 'first pass'. The visual effects are kind of crappy, and they don't...
06 Января 2018 в 23:00 1346 / 0
​ Небольшое обновление после каникул: рождественский квест с подарками завершен, произведён глобальный вайп и началась работа над новыми деревьями.Tree & Foliage RevampКак некоторые из вас, возможно, заметили, прочитав мои загадочные коммиты, я пытался сделать новую пихту. У нас были некоторые обсуждения о состоянии деревьев в Rust и решили, что пора бы их улучшить. Цель состоит в том, чтобы заменить старые деревья, которые были сделаны быстро. Это связано с двумя основными преимуществами:...