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27 Октября 2017 в 23:00 1589 / 0
​ Halloween ItemsHappy Halloween! To get into the spirit of things, we've added some new decorative Halloween deployables. There's a scarecrow and a skull fire pit available on the Steam item store.  ​ ​ ​ In addition, we've replaced the existing resource pickups with Halloween themed ones for Metal, Stone, Sulfur, Wood, and Bones. For the period of Halloween (next patch) they will yield 50% more resources as well.  ​  ​  ​  ​ ​ Loot Chance EqualizedI'm doing...
20 Октября 2017 в 23:00 1519 / 0
​ New Player ModelsThe new player models are finally going in this week. We had a couple of nasty issues related to how the build server dealt with some of the changed files which accounted for the delay (and several subtracted merges). All those issues are now resolved so I've been able to chase down some of the smaller issues before this week's patch.We've introduced a much greater number of face variations than previously, and as a result you'll have your race re-rolled. This might mean you...
13 Октября 2017 в 23:00 1823 / 0
​ Map AdditionsNow that the map is default, I feel like we have a bit more freedom to upgrade it as it's not classified as a piece of paper. Earlier this week I fixed the Vending Machine tooltips, so that if a blueprint was being sold/bought it would display (BP) next to it instead of just the item name, which was kind of misleading.While players can not currently draw on maps, this feature is enabled for mods, so they can add images to it to support their gameplay. A bug where these...
05 Октября 2017 в 23:00 1438 / 0
Blueprints 3.0We, along with everyone else, were unhappy with the state of the game in terms of how easy it was to get top end gear and how little reason to stick around and play there was after you were killed. This has all been changed. The very first iteration of the return of blueprints is now in game.I'd like to start off by saying that this is in no way feature complete. It's probably completely unbalanced, and there may be certain oversights that have completely broken the game and will...
28 Сентября 2017 в 23:00 1333 / 0
 ​ ПрогрессНа этой неделе я довольно много времени уделял новой системе, которая выйдет 5 октября, вместе с глобальным вайпом. Во-первых, по началу все предметы заблокированы, кроме чертежей, костра, копей и прочего. Вам нужно будет получить чертеж, чтобы разблокировать предмет для крафта. И как это сделать? Есть один путь - исследовательский стол. Вы бросаете в него заблокированный предмет и металлолом, после чего создается чертеж предмета, который можно будет изучить. В новой...