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15 Декабря 2017 в 23:00 1335 / 0
​ Season's beatings! Xmas has arrived in Rust.Christmas EventMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! The Christmas Event is now live! If you've been playing Rust for a while, you know what this means. If you haven't, here's what you can expect:Every once in a while you will hear the sound of jingle bells. Run outside and look for a gift! Two gifts are spawned per player, in a radius of about 40m from where you are standing. Run up and bash it open to receive your Christmas presents....
08 Декабря 2017 в 23:00 1415 / 0
​ Major changes incoming: Building 3.0, base upkeep, two new radtowns, procgen improvements, Hapis Island updates, and more. This patch wipes servers and blueprints. Enjoy!Building 3.0The new building system is in! Here's what you need to know: Foundations can now be placed at a half height offset Added half height walls Fixed various wall stacking exploits Roofs occupy wall sockets and can no longer be used as honeycombs Building privilege is emitted by the entire building There can...
30 Ноября 2017 в 23:00 1063 / 0
​ Dropped objects now have outlines, the first look at the stone quarry monument, recoil fixes, map changes, and more.Object OutlinesI worked on a feature this week that allows us to have a glowing outline around any object we'd like. For now I've added this feature to dropped world items. How it works is if you drop an item and it is partially occluded (by grass, perhaps) it will show you an outline around it, making it easier to find. It'll also show you a brighter outline when you're...
23 Ноября 2017 в 23:00 1531 / 0
A first look at the junkyard, inventory and UI changes, half height walls, bulletproof glass, and more.Armor ChangesI've overhauled the armor UI, making it much easier to figure out exactly what is going on.Hovering over a segment of the player preview shown on the left will display the amount of protection for that body part: Head/Chest/Legs.I've also changed how the display works, so it shows everything as a percentage of damage reduction.You'll also note that selecting a piece of armor...
17 Ноября 2017 в 23:00 948 / 0
​ Tree ReduxFinally! Harvesting trees just became a little less boring: I've added a mini-game similar to harvesting nodes.It's pretty straightforward. You hit the tree, a spraypainted mark appears where you should hit it next. Every time you hit one of the marks, your gathering multiplier increases, meaning you'll harvest the tree faster.You may notice that you're gathering fewer resources than before with the same tools. This is due to the fact that I've changed how tree resources are...